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Written, Audio and Video from Dr Demartini

Dr Demartini has created a number of articles, audio recordings and video insights which we have accumulated in this section for you to read, view and listen to. New material will be added regularly so please keep an eye out for new writings and insights posted for your enjoyment.


Are you an avid list maker or do you prefer to go with the flow, having a rough idea in your head of what needs to be done? List making has more benefits of which most people are aware, and if you learn to do it right, this practice can actually make you healthier, happier, calmer and possibly even better off financially.


Are you taking command of your life? Are you filling your day with truly meaningful objectives and actions that fulfil and inspire you, or are you letting the overruling world around you determine your fate?


Dr John Demartini, has a warning for those who adopt an attitude of fake it till you make it, authentic confidence, he says, is a natural by-product of living in alignment with your highest values and will help propel you toward achievement, whereas a facade of bravado will always be doomed to fail.


Dr Demartini shares his wisdom on Love and Happiness.


Between positively and negatively charged particles is a center point of light. Between positively and negatively charged emotions is the center point of love.


To the person who truly desires to be in tune, total fitness today involves more than a simple body fitness program, it now includes an overall Life Fitness Program.


People, books and media from around the world promote ideals about what to be, do and say to be a good father. Many fathers in todays modern world compare themselves to these countless ideals of being the best father they could be and may be feeling guilty for things that they have or have not done in their family and for their children.


Dr John Demartini gives tips on How to Create the Life YOU Love


I have my mother-in-law coming to stay with me for the Christmas holidays and we simply don't get on. No matter what I do, nothing is good enough for her. She constantly criticises the way I do things, particularly when it comes to the kids. How can I improve this relationship - should I even try?


Human behaviorist Dr John Demartini explains the idea of entitlement and the benefits of breaking through any unrealistic economic expectations and becoming truly empowered financially.


Dr John Demartini discusses how to combat bullying in the workplace.


Human behaviourist Dr John Demartini offers advice on successful strategies to use to reduce the probability of divorce


He rides in on a white horse and sweeps her off to his castle where they live happily ever after. If you are like most people, you probably buy into at least one of the common cultural myths such as everlasting passion and the eternally romantic notion of a soul mate.


Dr John Demartini gives 6 Steps to making the most of a New Year Career Crisis


A study many years ago by John Norcross, a psychology professor at the University of Scranton, proved that 77 percent of people who made New Year's Resolutions maintained their pledges for a week but by the end of the two year study that success ratio had dropped to 19 Percent.


Dr John Demartini explains how to address feelings of jealousy and envy.


The fear of public speaking is one of the greatest fears the majority of people ever face. But if you understand the actual reason for your fear and are able to work through this, you will be able to stand up and present a meaningful message and go on to pursue many more social achievements.


Dr John Demartini explains how our perceptions play a pivotal role in our well being, which is why it is so important to keep them balanced.


The biggest causes of marriage breakdowns are from idealisms and romantic notions. We are all looking for the perfect relationship, but as long as we set unrealistic ideals and project them onto potential partners, we will live in quiet desperation, feeling constantly disappointed when they do not live up to our perceived expectations.


Learn how to control the 7 primary fears that limit your potential and self belief, says world renowned human behavioural specialist Dr John Demartini.


Human behaviourist Dr John Demartini discusses the one thing we all aspire to have in life wealth and what this means to different people.


My mother told me when I was almost four years old, as she was putting me to bed one night Son before you go to sleep tonight make sure you count your blessings Great truths are often hidden within such simple words.


Human behaviourist Dr John Demartini offers some expert advice on how to awaken great self-confidence.


Every human being has a hierarchy of values things that are important to them in their life. Whatever we perceive as most missing becomes most important to us and therefore valuable. We think about, dream about, visualise about, talk about and spend time, energy and money on the things which are highest on our values. Our life clearly demonstrates what is most important to us at any moment in time.


When was the last time you experienced a crisis? Did it seem like it was the end of the world? Did you feel helpless, frustrated, burned-out or just down and depressed? Did you say to yourself, This is the last straw. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! This has got to stop. I can't go another day like this.


Whether you are single or married, working full time while managing children, or solely handling a handful of children at home, you can at times become overwhelmed by the enormous amount of responsibilities that you face as a modern woman.


Human behaviourist Dr John Demartini explains the importance of setting goals that match your highest values so that you can live a fulfilled life.


The key to loving each day and gaining from every experience that occurs - in the seven areas of your life


How do you know when you are ready to manage the responsibility that comes with a new and greater business opportunity? Human behaviourist Dr John Demartini explains:


When we love others for who they are, they turn into who we love. When we do not see how our partner being who they are, just as they are, is assisting us and we mostly perceive their actions as challenging, we will be inclined to want to change them.


We are all looking for the perfect relationship and as long as we set up unrealistic ideals and project them onto those around us we will live our lives in quiet desperation constantly feeling disappointed when others do not live up to our projected expectations.


Money is simply a credit or productivity exchange vehicle between the services that you provide and the rewards that you receive. It is also a vehicle that can translate your inspiring dreams into reality. Although money cannot buy you lasting happiness, what it can do, is change the standards and opportunities in your life.


Human behaviourist Dr John Demartini explains how to live by your own unique hierarchy of values so that you live an inspiring, meaningful and fulfilling life


Inspired teachers give rise to inspired students and teaching students in a way that aligns with their highest values (their highest priorities) is one of the most valuable ways to increase and maintain high concentration and participation levels.


What some people call being rich others call being wealthy, which is well-being, or whole being. So being rich is not just about being economically well off but also being wealthy in all areas in your life.


Appreciate your opportunity become wealthy through money, Dr John Demartini explains.


There is no such thing as the fear of the unknown, There is only the fear of what you imagine is about to happen. Fears are content specific. Dr Demartini offers expert advice on how to overcome your fear of failure.


It's not hard to slow down the signs of aging, both mentally and physically. Dr John Demartini shares 12 effective tips for slowing down the signs of aging.


You receive according to how much you serve and feel you deserve, in life and in business, according to Human Behaviourist Dr John Demartini. Here, he explains how to become a reflection of your ultimate potential.


Holding onto secrets can initiate an emotionally induced stress response when they are associated with any form of fear, guilt, shame, internal conflict or other imbalanced emotions.


Dr. John Demartini discusses how women can get the job they want in a male-dominated business society.


Happiness is the fulfilment of whatever is perceived to be important and partly missing in a person's life. This missingness is sometimes called a void and the filling of that void is satiation sometimes called happiness.


Dr. John Demartini explains one of the most important levels of business - how to give yourself the freedom to expand your outreach and your vision so that you can have whatever you want in life.


Employee engagement will be one of the greatest challenges you will face in your entrepreneurial business career. Disengaged employees can burden and cost your business heavily.


When it's time to make a clean break, whether it's a personal or business relationship, there are certain strategies you can follow to help make the process as painless as possible. Dr. John Demartini details the best approach.


Children spontaneously love learning what is truly highest on their own hierarchy of values, what is most important to them, but not necessarily those values projected by others.


Dr. Demartini answers questions on over protection in society.


Dr. Demartini is not surprised with the results from the Swanson School initiative


Dr. John Demartini discusses the role of the popular psychometric testing in selecting employees suitability


Dr. Demartini offers some sound advice on how to go about doing this so that you benefit from the experience.


Dr. John Demartini discusses the seven areas that people and nations need to fulfill in order to succeed and avoid being over-powered by others.


Dr John Demartini explains how, if you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to build a business that serves an ever-greater number of people.


Dr John Demartini explains how stress accelerates the aging process and offers advice on how to combat this.


Dr. John Demartini offers six steps on how to change your career halfway through your life.


Your perceptions play a pivotal role in your wellbeing.


Dr. Demartini describes the importance of being yourself, and living your life according to your own highest values, instead of being infatuated with other people's values and body images.


Dr. John Demartini explains how to increase your self-worth so that you can maximise what you give and receive in life.


When we are confident about ourselves and what we are doing with our lives, we tend to succeed in our endeavours. Dr. John Demartini offers some tips on how to live confidently.


Dr John Demartini explains the hubric tragedy of how, at the peak of their careers and fame, so many superstars fall from grace.


Along the way people have placed different ideas and moral issues on money, thus creating a psychological and a social dimension to it.


When you don't fill your day with high priority actions that build your self-worth and well-being, your day can become filled with low priority distractions that can destroy your self-worth and well-being.


What are some of the key reasons people bully in the workplace? Everybody has the potential to be a bully when they have had their buttons pushed.


We have all read about happily ever after and other misleading fantasies in story books. Most people continue to buy into these childhood ideas, even in adulthood. However, believing in these common myths will keep you from fully experiencing the riches that every relationship has to offer. Dr. Demartini shares 10 relationship myths.


Have you ever wondered why you are not getting what you want? View my video included in this article and download the transcript to understand why you perceive you are not getting what you want and how to proceed to get what you want.


Anxiety is a form of fear where we assume that we are about to experience through our senses or imagination in the future - more pains than pleasures, more losses than gains, more negatives than positives, and more challenges than supports. But again such imbalances don't truly exist except in the minds of those unwilling to see both sides of life synchronously.


Any area of your life you are not empowered in, someone else can and probably will overpower you in. It is wise to empower all areas of your life. There are seven areas or forms of empowerment that can help reduce the probability of being bullied.


Seasonal depression can be due to the perceptions and comparisons an individual makes between their current daily reality and an unrealistic expectation, delusion or fantasy he or she may be holding on or addicted to. Dr. Demartini shares action steps to assist you in dealing with Winter Time Blues.


Mothers, today, are bombarded with books and media describing an image of the perfect mother. They promote the 'right' thing to be, do and say. Many mothers compare themselves to these social ideals, judge themselves accordingly and develop the perception they are making mistakes while raising their children.


Your purpose is driven by your values. When you recognize and take action according to your values, you will expand and empower your life and find a way to make an income aligned with your purpose.


In this article, Dr. Demartini shares 10 basic principles to assist you in taking your business to the next level. Ideally you want to find what inspires you and do what you love to do most, in addition to filling people's needs.


There are seven common fears and guilt that fragment our full potential. The difference between somebody who does what they love and someone who doesn't is the former has the ability to identify their fears and has a strategy to break through them.


Your perceptions play a pivotal role in your well-being. This has an impact on your metabolism and your physiology which is then turned on or off accordingly depending on initial interpretations of support or challenge.


Every event in life has two sides - a positive and a negative. Anytime we perceive only half of an emotional equation instead of loving and appreciating the whole, we become stressed physically and emotionally.


People, books and media from around the world promote ideals about what to be, do and say to be a good father. Many fathers in today's modern world compare themselves to these countless ideals of being the best father they could be and may be feeling guilty for things that they have or have not done in their family and for their children.


In this article, Dr Demartini shares 8 steps to asking for a raise in salary.


Domestic violence is a way of life for millions of women who feel trapped and frightened by its impact. The article that follows will challenge some old paradigms and introduce some new more responsible ones concerning this important topic.


To dissolve feelings of depression, follow Dr Demartini's action steps to Demartini It:


Sometimes when people try to go out of their way to be so-called generous and supportive they end up spoiling someone, and their generosity leads to false expectancy and dependency. A true balance of challenge and support can go a long way.


Here is a collection of media and articles on this controversial subject which explain my true perceptions on why these incidents occur. I hope that by reading, watching or listening to these articles and interviews you will gain more understanding of this phenomena and help bring empowerment to you or those you love.


It is ultimately your perception of what happens to you that is the true source or cause of your effect.


To reduce the probability of participating in the bullying-bullied dynamic it may be wise to teach children how to empower their lives, how to negotiate in others values and how to utilize the power of numbers and social influence.


You Can Rise Above The Financial Crisis


A mission statement is not an idealistic, intellectual statement which sounds good for the people in the public. A mission statement for the company is a statement from the core of the leaders heart.


Dr. John Demartini discusses some mis-perceptions surrounding weight loss and exercise and how the exercise/binge eating cycle can be curtailed with moderate regimes.


The two basic emotions, fear and guilt, are the most challenging emotions affecting our overall physical and emotional well-being. They can sabotage our vitality, imbalance our physiology and rob us of our inner poise.


When you make lists of action steps and prioritize them you feel more productive, efficient and a greater sense of self-worth. As a result your cortisol levels go down, your endorphins go up, you feel more fulfilled, calm and reduce your stress levels.


How to Create the Life You Love in 8 Steps


If you practice and refine your ability to tune in to your purpose and set the goals you wish to achieve throughout your life, 'impossible' things can happen.


The events occurring recently or currently in the world could be perceived as disasters, but every event has two sides. People are discovering who their neighbors are. Families that remain are closer.


It is truly amazing to be able to experience what transpires when you are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams.


You can build great wisdom and genius by spending time each day in grateful communion with your inner voice.


Have you ever achieved a long sought goal that you had set and then immediately felt a surge of confidence and began setting the next new one? Did you raise the bar? Our expectations and standards tend to climb as our goals become accomplished.


Pre-conceived ideas of life after marriage can leave many mothers disappointed. These can stem back to romantic ideas they fostered in childhood otherwise known as the 'fairytale complex'.


I was asked recently whether there was an explanation why husbands or wives stray. My answer was simple: Relationships may start out romantic, but they also remain utilitarian.


Mother's Day is the one special day of the year where Mothers are showered with gifts and warm thank yous as a reminder of the contribution they make in our lives. Any Dad who forgets to say his thank you's on Mother's Day might just end up in the proverbial dog house.


Like any situation, social networking has two sides. On the one side it could represent time consumption, distraction, gossip and unrealistic expectations and on the other side it could provide an opportunity for growth, advancement and new relations.


Dr Demartini gives advice on how to escape the clutches of multi-tasking madness


Human behavioral specialist, author and teacher Dr John Demartini lets us in on his fail-safe nine-step process that gets sales every time.


Dr Demartini answers questions regarding your teen's self-esteem, school and career choices.


What can you do if your boss is a tyrant but you need to keep your job?


It's easy to be grateful when life is giving you roses. The task becomes more complicated when you're feeling the sting of the thorns.


Financial independence and having money have nothing to do with how much money you make. It has everything to do with how you manage the money that comes your way.


Read about the seven primary fears that immobilize people from achieving their goals and learn how to not be a victim of them.


What to do if your relationship is going stale or even headed downhill? Dr. Demartini offers advice for couples experiencing challenges and also gives points for those on the 'Highway to Love Heaven'


People who are inspired and committed to fulfilling their dreams grow, while those who do not, tend to decay mentally, emotionally, and physically. In other words, if you're not fulfilling your life's mission and doing what you love and loving what you do, then you are not really planning to live an inspired life.


While many people feel uplifted by the approaching festive season, not all of us experience the joys of the holidays in the same way. Apathy, depression and even suicidal thoughts dominate the minds of some. Dr. John Demartini attributes many of these feelings to people building up unrealistic expectations during this time.


You know you're stressed any moment your mind is not present and certain and your heart is not grateful and loving. Many common events in daily life can initiate varying degrees of stress, but in any case stress ultimately boils down to imbalanced muscular or physiological reactions resulting from neuro-hormonal responses arising from imbalanced sensory perceptions, ones generally accompanied by fear and guilt.


The word 'creative' tends to conjure up the arts like painting, music, drama or a career in industries like advertising, dress design or interior decorating. We tend to think we aren't creative if we are not talented in one of these areas. However, this isn't true; creativity lives within all of us, but it thrives in the areas of our lives that truly inspire us.


Nervous about studying for exams? Dr Demartini shares some tips to make studying more effective


Asking yourself high quality questions is one of the keys to living the more self-actualized life you dream of and deserve. Dr Demartini shares the seven high quality questions he asks himself daily.


If you live within a fantasy world where everything is supposed to be happy, easy, peaceful, safe and agreeable, you are vulnerable to the major let down when your fantasy is broken by the actions of a bully.


According to a Survey of Consumer Finances, the average wealthy American has $1,400,000 in assets, and $275,000 in debts, for a net worth of over $1.1 million. Even then, most believe that they cannot afford to buy everything they really need.


There are relationship counselors who tell singles to seek mates with values similar to their own; and that will be the key to long-lasting love…but they are not telling the whole story.


Do you feel unfulfilled in your current job? Are you daydreaming about a career you would rather be doing? Do you dread Mondays more than usual? The honest answer to these questions might very well lead you to the conclusion that you are, indeed, in the midst of a mid-career dilemma and it may be time for a change.


There is entrepreneurial spirit in each and every one of us. The difference between those who take action on creating their dreams and those who don't is one of two things. One is buying into one of the fears in the 7 areas of life and the other is not being clear on what it is that you would love to do.


How spiritually attuned are you? Utilizing the YES or NO question and answer method, answer this questionnaire to determine whether you are intuitively tuning into your soul and empowering your life.


Do we as teachers and parents have enough value on the child to take the time to link a child's classes to their values? When children don't see how the subject they are learning in class is helping them in the areas that they see important, they shut down and lose their focus.


The deflation of the global markets and the decline in spending is impacting most people regardless of their economic status. Yet challenging financial times do many beneficial things. Here are some examples of perceived challenges, along with their compensatory blessings that may help you become aware of the other side. Reading these may assist you in allaying your fears around the challenges associated with the temporary loss of money.


Networking changes businesses and lives. Many people seldom if ever network effectively. By following the Seven Laws of Networking you can create an environment of successful networking.


The most common causes of feeling flat and lethargic and simple solutions to help you get your zest back. Read


Are you a leader? Run through these interesting facts about leaders from Dr Demartini and see:


What creates monogamy? Since this often proves to be a highly challenging aspect of marriage, it's definitely worth taking some time to understand what influences people to conform with this expectation or not.


What's really going on when you're attracted to someone? There's no doubt that sex drive is partly chemical and hormonal, but it's also psychological and energetic.


Dr Demartini explains why South Africa's mood may swing from feverish excitement to national mourning and mild depression in the days after the World Cup ends. He also shares how to prevent or overcome such dips.


For some people saying 'no' is really difficult. They find it more daunting than looking after kids, running a business or even climbing a mountain. How often have you found your head screaming 'no' and your mouth articulating 'yes'? Then you are angry with yourself afterwards.


At one of my recent seminars, I was asked about "Ponzi" scams or what you might call "pyramid schemes". No surprise, really, considering the stories about an alleged fraud in which many prominent people, including top business personalities, are reported to have lost millions, if not billions of Dollars.


The greatest art form that exists on this planet is the human body - a magnificently structured temple of sacred architecture. Are you grateful for your body? Some people are but most people take this wonderful gift for granted.


Companies are human systems, not unemotional, inanimate objects. Therefore the attraction and retention of the right people in any business is crucial to its success. Finding the right person for the job is not just about skills and experience.


Building a Business and Creating a Mission Statement


10 tips from Dr Demartini to assist you manage your life.


Dr Demartini's Message for Chiropractors


Of course you know that stress impacts your life - everyone knows that. But what if you could turn that stress into success? What kind of life could you then lead? The first step to achieving a more successful and fulfilling life is to alleviate stress.


A personal message from Dr John Demartini addressing the importance of setting priorities in your day. When we do we focus on high priority items not low priority items and our lives accelerate in the direction of our goals and dreams.


While many will promote the techniques and strategies for getting noticed by senior peers and/or prospective clients, I believe it is through pushing yourself to be your own personal best that people around you will start to admire, and follow you.


In this world, you ultimately receive exactly what you feel you deserve, no more and no less. Building your profile in business is very much about building your profile in life.


The Secret is that 'You bring about what you think about', that is the law of attraction and that is the power we have to design our destiny.


With all the attention-grabbing and energy-zapping stimuli in the world today, Total Life Fitness and Wellness is the only option. When your physical fitness and wellness systems are not 100%, all areas of life are affected


Every child can develop the gratitude attitude. There are special moments every day that a child can take to 'Count their Blessings'. Here are just a few...

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